Friday, November 17, 2006

We're Back!

But not for long! Here is summary of important items:

1. We've finished up work in Alaska - our last assigment at Kasaan was fantastic and new pics are up on the Flikr site, just click the "our pics" link at right to view.

2. We took October off from work to visit family and friends in Wisconsin, Michigan, Kansas, Oregon, and Colorado. It was a wonderful visit. We spent a fair bit of time trudging through snow in Michigan making Halloween costumes while in Kansas.

3. Our very good friends Spencer and Amy are now newlyweds and they threw a fantastic wedding in southern Wisconsin, photos will very shortly be up on the Flikr site. We all wish them congrats!

4. We have a new "permanent" job and have just arrived in Chile. Our office is located in the beautiful coastal town of La Serena though our field work and camp will be in the Andes. We will be in Colorado and New Mexico over the holidays, then back down south for the rest of winter and spring in either Chile or Mexico before heading back up to Alaska. Below is a pic of our lovely terrace overlooking the city and coast.

5. I just discovered several comments that were made sometime ago were not posted as they had not been moderated. I apologize as I didn't realize this needed to be done! When we get back from the field in a couple - 3 weeks we'll be sure to check this and hopefully add another update.